Anilesh (Neil) Ahuja

CIO & CEO, Premium Point Investments


Mr. Ahuja has twenty-two (22) years of experience overseeing and managing the mortgage-backed securities (“MBS”) origination and trading business. From 2004 to 2008, Mr. Ahuja was the Head of Deutsche Bank’s RMBS business. By 2007, under Mr. Ahuja’s leadership, Deutsche Bank had risen from #18 in the RMBS issuance “league tables” to #4. As Head of Deutsche Bank’s RMBS business (which included prime and subprime mortgages), a broad range of employees reported to Mr. Ahuja, including loan originators, securities traders, investment bankers and client relations specialists in North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Mr. Ahuja spent eight (8) years with Greenwich Capital as the head of agency and non-agency MBS. Prior to that, Mr. Ahuja directed the mortgage structuring business at Lehman Brothers for over six (6) years. Mr. Ahuja holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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